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Media: IAF Organizing tenants see improvements after pushing Dallas code compliance for help.pdf

"Bachman-Area Tenants See Improvements After Pushing Dallas Code Compliance for Help" 

Dallas Morning News

"Bachman Lake Tenants Need Support"

Dallas Morning News

The Dallas Morning News (2).pdf

"Dallas Tenants Counter 'Unbearable Conditions"

Dallas Morning News ISD punts tax break ask from manufacturing company ahead of Chapter 313 expiration.pdf

"Dallas ISD Punts Tax Break Ask from Manufacturing Company... Community Advocates Appose Deal"

Dallas Morning News

Adobe Scan Aug 13, 2022.pdf

"Felices y Documentados" 

(Happy and Documented)

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‘We have seen people die in our communi...pitals team up to vaccinate immigrants.pdf

"'We Have Seen People Die in Our Community.' Churches, Hospitals, Team up to Vaccinate Immigrants"

Dallas Morning News

This North Texas church lost six members to suicide. Here’s what it’s doing to get families help.pdf

"This North Texas Church Lost Six Members to Suicide. Here's What Families are Doing to Get Help"

Dallas Morning News

"Protegiendo Familias Inmigrantes del abuso Bancario"

(Protecting Immigrant Families from Predatory Lenders)

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MEDIA: Neighborhood Organizing

Introducing Walla Walla's New Neighborhood Engagement Program

A strong neighborhood is a place where parents feel comfortable letting their kids play outside, where families can rely on one another, and where you know your neighbor’s name. A strong neighborhood means a healthy community of individuals you trust, and who trust you.

City of Walla Walla

Why and How we Should be Building Resilient Communities During the Pandemic

The city’s new Neighborhood Engagement Program intends to help people lead safer, healthier and happier lives by strengthening local neighborhoods. A strong neighborhood means a healthy community of individuals you trust, and who trust you.

Walla Walla Union Bulletin